UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)

UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)
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UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)

In this video, The English Nut is going to talk about the word depression. Depression afflicts many. It is not the sadness that you and I feel from time to time, but something far more serious and prolonged. Find out how the American Psychiatric Association describes depression. Learn the shocking statistics about depression. Know the symptoms. And how it can be treated. Hear its history and know where the word came from. Find out what the WHO and UN have to say about depression. Especially during a lockdown. Listen to touching and beautiful poetry that sheds light on how you feel when you have the disease. 0:00 Beginning of the video 0:17 What is depression? 0:29 ‘Having It Out With Melancholy’ by Jane Kenyon. 1:29 Historical references. 1:49 Health organizations on depression. 2:32 Treating depression. 2:47 Other forms of depression. 3:33 ‘It Was Not Death, For I Stood Up’ by Emily Dickinson. Episode #75 Title: What is depression? ‘Having It Out with Melancholy’. A piece of burned meat wears my clothes, speaks in my voice, dispatches obligations haltingly, or not at all. It is tired of trying to be stouthearted, tired beyond measure. We move on to the monoamine oxidase inhibitors. Day and night I feel as if I had drunk six cups of coffee, but the pain stops abruptly. With the wonder and bitterness of someone pardoned for a crime, she did not commit I come back to marriage and friends, to pink fringed hollyhocks; come back to my desk, books, and chair. Heart-wrenching, isn’t it? Depression is a complex disease that has been misunderstood over the centuries. Some of the oldest accounts of it are from Mesopotamia in the 2nd millennium BC. Also termed as major depressive disorder, the disease can make you feel sad to an extreme. So much so, you stop enjoying the things you loved to do. You may lose your appetite, your energy and not be able to sleep. The silver lining is that depression can be treated. If you or someone you know have been experiencing symptoms for a few weeks or longer, please, please reach out for professional help.

Medication, psychotherapy or other forms of treatment can help you get well. We have recently or are now experiencing the ill effects of two other forms of depression. One is the depression in the Bay of Bengal which led to the cyclone Amphan that devastated Bengal. This sort of depression means an area of ​​low atmospheric pressure.

The other kind of depression is that of the economy. It means a severe and prolonged recession – what we could get into now thanks to the pandemic and other factors. Emily Dickinson, the 19th-century American poet who may herself have suffered from depression, wrote: It was not Death, for I stood up, and all the Dead, lie down— It was not Night, for all the Bells Put out their Tongues , for Noon. It was not Frost, for on my Flesh I felt Siroccos—crawl— Nor Fire—for just my Marble feet Could keep a Chancel, cool— And yet, it tasted, like them all, The Figures I have seen Set orderly, for Burial , Reminded me, of mine. * #TheEnglishNut #TEN #pandemic #DesiEnglish #LanguageMemes #Video #English #Vocabulary #Words #Humour #FunnyEnglish #LearnEnglish #GrammarNazi #EnglishLesson #EnglishTips #Tutorial #Advanced #Grammar #SpeakEnglish #meaning #etymology #education #India #Etymology #BritishCouncil #BritishCouncil #FunnyEnglish #LearnEnglish #GrammarNazi Video #EnglishLanguageFacts #BritishEnglish #idioms #pandemic #lockdown .

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UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)


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UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)

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UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)

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UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)

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UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION. #WorldMentalHealthDay (2020)

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  1. Very nice to see these kind of videos which educate and inform people on mental health issues. Recently I had seen some media channels, who brought house hold helps, cooks, cleaners and drivers who decided if someone was depressed or not. I would like to say something in connection with depression too. In normal language depression means sad,gloomy. But what most People don't know is that depression is a medical term. It doesn't mean the same when used in ordinary language. Depression is a disbalence in the mechanical, social or a chemical condition of person, Which effects the person's mood, mental, physical health and energy levels.In medicine there are different kinds of depression,now to name a few 1. Latent depression ( hidden, which others don't or cannot notice) But the patient suffers inwardly 2. Clinical depression( where one has to be hospitalised) 3. Seasonal affected Depression ( Winter Depression) 4. Post natal depression (baby blues) which may occour to a lady after child birth 5.Bipolar depression. Here The patients fluctuate between being Very very happy, full of energy, Very good mood etc ( Hypomanic phase) And a depressive phase ( sad,gloomy,crying, no energy,sleepy) In the depressive phase they prefer to be alone. Now if someone knows a person in the hypomanic phase, they cannot and will not believe that this person can also be depressive. I repeat Unfortunately People like household helps and others who are neither qualified nor have the knowledge about depression, decide if a person is depressed or not

  2. as a result of the current situation (corona pandemia), there will be lots more people in the near future who will suffer from depression (illness).
    great video, great educational content. thanks for it. you somehow appear to be touched by it…. greetings from Germany to Mumbai – hope you're doing well in any aspects! 🙂

  3. Excellent and interesting but sad to hear about the hard time that they are going through in silence due to depression…… probably those people with depression need someone to talk to and being with them till they recover…. .

  4. Spot on! Every single word uttered about the symptoms and the experience is just so true. No exaggeration & the poet, Emily Dickinson, whose lines you quoted, I always felt was a melancholic person, as whatever few poems I have read, are all so depressing. But sir, my heart really goes out to the ones who have suffered depression and left this world too. No one knows what those poor souls must have gone through during that period. May all their souls RIP.
    Great work sir, stay blessed! 🙂


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