READ these BOOKS Recommend Five Novels for you to Read

READ these BOOKS Recommend Five Novels for you to Readis promoted by L-Series Music Company is continuously working to create an ample catalog of music comprising plenty of languages that covers the length & breadth of India.

READ these BOOKS Recommend Five Novels for you to Read

In this two-part video, I recommend five novels for you to read. Five books I love. Each one is moving in its own special way. Each one is beautifully written. Each one has enriched my English. Each one has given me an insight into people, places and cultures that are different from my own.

Most importantly, though, each one has left me with a deeper understanding of myself. Episode #102 TITLE : 5 Novels Recommended by The English Nut. (Part I)

Why should you read a novel?

I would say for pure pleasure. But if that’s not enough for you let me tell you that it has many other benefits. I’ll talk about these benefits in the video. When I had interviewed SHASHI THAROOR and asked him to introduce us to a new word, this is what he had said: “You know, when a kid asked me that at a gathering in a school in Trivandrum, I told him the word I would introduce him to was to ‘read’. And he’d come across his own words and I wouldn’t have to spoon-feed him a word.” So, yes, reading builds your vocabulary and improves your English. And there are other benefits too! Plenty of reasons to start reading in case you don’t already. Read whatever you feel like. But if you don’t know what to read, here are some recommendations.


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READ these BOOKS Recommend Five Novels for you to Read


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READ these BOOKS Recommend Five Novels for you to Read

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READ these BOOKS Recommend Five Novels for you to Read

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  1. This is great👍… Would have been perfect for lockdown… But better late than never… Thankyou for the suggestion.. will definitely read them… Your reviews on the books were also sooo detailed n interesting that it just made me more curious about the books… To actually experience it…🙏

  2. Let me start , by saying that , your way of using words , pronunciation and phrases are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .
    It helps me everytime whenever I watch your videos because I am also a English Nut ( in your language😃🤘).

    thank you so much for this amazing work .
    Coming to your question , ya , i do have favourite novels
    1. THE ROOM ON THE ROOF by RUSKIN BOND (i am sure you must had sank your teeth into that novel)
    2. GIRL,WOMAN, OTHERS by British writer , the winner of man booker prize 2019, BERNARDINE EVARISTO

    THE BEST NOVELS If you hadnot read do try sir, you are going to love it , this is my challenge 😊👌

  3. Thanks Dear English Nut, I have read an excellent Book by the name "Black Box Thinking" by Matthew Syed. Recommend all my friends to read.

  4. A little while back I read ‘The disappearance of Adele Bedeau’ by Raymond Brunet and translated by Graeme Macrae Burnet. It was different and addictive. Though it may seem like a mystery novel but it’s much more. We get a feel of the psyche of all the characters. I really recommended this one.

  5. One of the finest literary works I have read in the recent times is Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Get your hands on it if not already read and enjoyed.
    I'm on my way to get the Mark Haddon recommendation.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. "The Inglorious Empire" by Shashi Tharoor would be a good recommendation too. The only caveat here is Shashi's narrative style and vocabulary can be overwhelming , if not daunting, for the uninitiated.

  7. I thought that novels are just boring and preferred reading comics but after I bought and read the novel 'My Experiment with the Truth ' It was just a fab and ur this video motivated me to complete reading that novel by Mahatma Gandhi

  8. So good to listen to your choice of books .I am a voracious reader and with this pandemic the best part was I could re nurture my reading habit .Always look forward to your videos.Great going

  9. Thanks English nut for sharing this as I have been always curious to know what you read😇😄…and today I came to know in detail with specificity about benefits of reading novel. I was living in so much ignorance 😑…
    BTW my favourite novel is Kite Runner and The 1000 Splendid Suns by Khalid Housseini. Also, I loved the historical fiction named The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan.


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