VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam

VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam is promoted by Lseries Music.

VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam | Atharva Veda | Washing away Diseases | Sri K Suresh, The Ghanapati,

The Vedic Chant, Roga Nivaarana Suktam, from Atharva Veda, is rendered with clarity and precision by Sri Raghavendra Ghanapati, Sri Mahesh Ghanapati & Sri K Suresh.

These 8 Mantras are from Atharva Veda (Saunaka Shaka), 1st Kanda, 12th and 13th Suktas, having 4 Mantras each. This is addressed by the Rishi Brugu Angiras.


Meaning of this Mantra:

1. The first, life born out of the dark womb, it goes forward, covered in the rays of light, overflowing, wind impelled, thundering with rain, breaking, straight on, the one living force moving in three directions. That Benevolent power, bless our physical existence and mind. Any natal disease born out of exposure to sun, wind and rain. let it spare us from bad ailments.

VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam

2. As you pervade every limb with powerful presence, we acknowledge you and offer proper homage. We honour and pay the homage to the power which holds every parts and systems of the body together.

VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam

3. O physician, cure him, who is suffering from headache and other ailment in the brain. Free him from cough and congestion that has affected every limb and joints in his body. Let any ailments caused by the rain, or by wind, or by heat and dryness be cured by diverting forest-trees and mountains.

4. Let there be health and wellness to the upper parts of my body. Let there be peace and well being to the lower parts of my body system. Let there be good health for all the four parts of my body. Let there be peace, good health and total well being for the whole body, mind and soul of my life system.

5. O Lord; Omnipotent; homage to electric energy, homage to thunder energy, homage to the energy that strikes like a deadly bolt, and for that which attracts and repels itself to the targets and into the porous materials, and by which you strike at the enemy.

6. Homage to Lightening, the electric energy and to the source, where you collect your power and heat. O centre of the energy and power of existence, be kind to our body’s health and bring us peace and wellness for our future generations.

7. Homage to Thunder and Lightening; the energy of the fall and flood, homage to the force of your strike and the heat we create and collect. We know the highest and ultimate source, the origin, where you stay, hidden in the depth of spatial ocean at the centre of the universe.

8. O divine energy whom all forces of nature create and divine intellectuals of humanity inspire, producing inviolable power, to shoot at the negative forces in existence with nature and humanity. We pray you, honour you. Be kind and gracious to us in our battle of life. Homage to you, O divine mother, Shakti, all hail.



VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Sukta


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VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam

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VERY RARE Vedic Chant | Roga Nivarana Suktam

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